Beyonce and Jays Has Spent $1millon On Unborn Child

Hmmm.......Money Good O!!!
According to Britain's Now Magazine, Jayz and Beyonce are splashing the cash on their unborn child! Apparently, the couple have spent almost $1million their first child.

here is the report:

''Beyonce's waited a long time to have a baby and shes determine to take good care of herself'' a source said.

''She's paying a dietitian to organize a food plan of natural organic meals for her, she's having daily massage and she's spent a fortune on lotions to prevent stretch marks and keep her feeling good''
''Beyonce's been told to look after herself like never before and Jayz's making sure she has everything she needs''

This really interesting...Not all celebrities even with all the money would have the time to do this...Me, I cant wait for that child to come o! I need to see what the baby would look like after consuming $1m in the womb...HA! HA!! HA!!!

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