Rihanna jealous over Beyonce carrying Jayz's baby...set to quit RockNations

What has Beyonce's pregnancy got to do with Rihanna's working relationship with Jayz??? The dude is married and expecting a child soon or can't he make babies again??? Just yesterday i read a report by media takeout that Rihanna, on getting to know of Beyonce's pregnancy forJayz, decided to drop Jayz and his RockNation team as her manager. What do you guys think??? Please leave your comments.

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  1. Yeah! Rihanna's jealous,she so jealous she can't breathe. That's why she wrote that twitter response RocNation til she dies! However, she has no plans to leave Jay z because having him on the side is better than nothing. Rihanna needs to find her own man and stop her foolery! Karma is real,dont mess with it.