Tyler Perry Is Entertainment Highest Paid Man

In a recent ranking released by forbes
Hollywood actor/producer TylerPerry 
top the list of Highest Paid Men in Entertainment 
with $130million.
                                                       The list also includes Steven Spielberg
and Elton John.
Forbes.com reported that Tyler Perry made $130million in
may2010-may2011 from his t.v shows (Tyler Perry house of payne and
Meet the browns).
Coming second in the list is Jerry Bruckheimer with $113million and
Steven Spielberg ranked Third with $107million.
see top .10 list below:

1. Tyler Perry---$130 million

2. Jerry Bruckheimer----$113 million

3. steven Spielberg----$107 million

4. Elton John----$100 million

 5. Simon Cowell----$90 million

6. James Patterson----$84 million

7. Dr Phil McGraw----$80 milliion

8. Leonardo DiCaprio----$77 million

9. Howard Stern----$76 million

10. Tiger Wood----$75 million

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