Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dumb 50Cent Compares Self To Biggie Smallz As He Makes A Come Back With 5TH Studio Album

50 Cent’s new album will see the over blown star return to his supposed hip-hop roots –
meanwhile he had the audacity to compare his new
work to that of Biggie Smalls’.The ‘In Da Club’rapper is currently finishing recording of his fifth album, and while he doesn’t think it will be as popular as his debut ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, follow up ‘The Massacre’, he says fans will respect the classic musical direction he in. He tweeted: “My next album is gonna shake
things up a bit. It has the elements that were in hip-hop that I fell in love with in the beginning.”“I hate to speak on my music cause it speaks for itself.

Justin Bieber Acquires $160,000 Customized Range Rover Car

Justin Bieber has decided to spend a few bucks on himself and has purchased a neat little $160,000 customized Range Rover to add to his fleet.Little Justin should have not trouble impressing his girlfriend,Selena Gomez,with the purchase of the‘Project Kahn’car, which has a sound system worth $80,000,leather interior,modified paint work and Cosworth engine.A source told The Sun newspaper:“Justin loves his motors even though he’s barely old enough to drive.

Nollywood Divas Monalisa Chinda And Nse Etim Ikpe Now Sworn Enemies

Former best friends,Nollywood actresses, Monalisa Chinda and NseIkpe Etim are no longer on speaking terms.