Gang Beat Up Indian Artist For Painting Nude Celebrities

Pranava Prakash, an Indian Artist, famous for his painting of female celebrities in the nude, was at the weekend, beaten by men
who said his work was an insult to his country.

Prakash, when attacked, was in his gallary concluding works on his planned exhibition, titled 'Bollywood Unlimited', which will feature nude paintings of popular Bollywood Actress.

Speaking with press, the artist said:

''Five guys came into the gallary on sunday and started yelling at me, saying 'Your paintings are against Indian culture, we cannot telorate them'

''They slapped me twice, threw me to the floor and then began pulling down the paintings, damaging three of my pictures.''

The alledge attack on prakash and his artworks, however, is the latest sign that Indian's debate over freedom of expression is escalating.
Another artist was attacked for creating an exhibition on the theme of homosexuality.

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